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Hope Reigns Ranch

Who We Serve: Horses and Humans

Horses and Humans


Hope Reigns was founded, in part, to provide rescue and sanctuary to abused, neglected, starved, and retired horses until they can be placed in permanent loving homes or used for the mentoring programs. Every year, in our area, dozens of horses are abandoned, abused, neglected, or sent to slaughter. Hope Reigns serves as a refuge and rehabilitation center for these horses. We acquire our horses in nearly every imaginable way and give them a “Second Chance” at life.  We give these ‘Angels in Horsehair’ a purpose in life by using their intuitive spirit and unique past to minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals.


One Participant, one horse, one mentor is our philosophy for this program. The participant works one on one with the mentor and the horse of their choosing. Through this program, the participant is taught how to care for the horse, how to work with them on the ground, and how to become a leader in order to teach both the participant and the horse skills that will be used when the participant mounts the horse. The program is not considered a riding program however, if the participant is ready, they may do some activities while mounted. Each session is 90 minutes in length. First 30 minutes is doing a chore/activity around the ranch. By serving at the ranch, it gets the participant doing something beyond self. The rest of the session is spending time with the horse. Building a bond with their horse and developing life applications skills. The mentor will share how to apply what the participant has learned with the horse to their everyday life. This program is open to adults, teens, and children.


Experience horse interaction without the need for words to explain the feelings. The time and energy invested working with the horses and the session leaders allows individuals who are faced with extraordinary life challenges to have the chance to find renewed courage, a sense of strength, and a hope for the future. Session leaders show the participant basics to haltering, grooming, and walking the horse. The session leaders are also available to pray with the participant should prayer be requested. This is not a riding program. This 60-minute session time is for the participant to be in the moment with their horse and experience unique calming restorative characteristics of the horse. This program is open to adults, teens, and children.


Hurting soldiers can turn to horses to assist in the healing process when traditional therapy falls short in achieving desired progress.  This non-therapy program gets the recovering soldier into a calm, relaxing and supportive atmosphere where they can come find healing, restoration, and comradery. Here at Hope Reigns, we believe it is imperative that veterans act as session leaders for soldiers. This program creates strong relationships between soldier, veteran, and horse in such a way that can’t be replicated in a clinical setting. 

By the Grace of God, the ranch offers its programs free of charge.

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Why Horses for Healing?

These social and non-judgmental animals exhibiting great power, beauty, and grace, reach out and help heal broken people, broken spirits, and broken hearts.

  • They are powerful 'mirrors' of human mood and body language and will give you honest non-verbal feedback.
  • They naturally provide lessons in communication, assertiveness, and work ethic.
  • They provide lessons developing healthy relationships.
  • They teach us about who we are and help us realize our authentic self. 
  • They promote confidence, trust, communication, and leadership.
  • They teach us to explore the deeper layers of one self and learn to utilize our inner strength and build confidence. 

The horses we rescue may just be someone's new best friend, teaching patience, love, trust, forgiveness, and so much more.  

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