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Hope Reigns Ranch

Special Projects


Covered Riding Arena

This riding arena will keep our program participants out of the hot summer sun and able to continue to work with the horses even when it is raining. Currently, no activities are allowed during the rain due to the possibility of injury to human and horse. The arena will also provide shade and a cooler area to work the rescued horses during the summer training season. 

Estimated Cost: $215,000

Serenity Prayer / Meditation Pond

The current pond on the ranch is in need of renovation in order to be a safe and serene area for meditation, prayer, and reflection. The dirt from the pond will help level the arena and round pen area. Using the dirt from the pond will help reduce the cost of the covered arena. Estimated Cost: $25,000

Quarantine Paddock

The quarantine paddock allows rescued horses to be "normal" horses while overcoming their recovery obstacles. Horses thrive better in a more natural habitat rather than kept in a 12x12 stall. The quarantine paddock will aslo keep sick or injured horses out of the herd until given a clean bill of health. It allows the horse to heal and still be able to see and hear their herd mates, keeping their stress levels down so they can heal faster.

Estimated Cost: $10,500

Horse Walker

A horse walker is the best and easiest way to exercise horses that cannot be ridden and exercise multiple horses at one time. Hope Reigns Ranch will accept a used horse walker as long as it is in operable condition. 

Estimated Cost for new: $5,000

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