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Hope Reigns Ranch



Hands that freely give are the life of the ranch. 

As a volunteer, you are invaluable to Hope Reigns, the horses, and the individuals and 

families we serve.

Here at Hope Reigns, there are volunteer opportunities for everyone. From part-time to full-time. From barn crew to mentors. There are even group volunteer  opportunities. 

Here are just a few volunteer opportunities:

Barn Crew

Ranch Crew

Hay Crew

Wranglers (horse handlers) horse experience required

Cowboy / Cowgirl (horse trainers) horse training experience required

Team Hope Mentors

Special Projects

Graphics / Photography / Media


 Approved Youth Volunteer (ages 13 - 17)

All effort is made to teach, encourage, and empower each volunteer that comes to serve others and Christ. 


Much of our daily chore list is completed by groups of individual adults, parents, and kids working side by side. We love having families volunteer together. It's a great way for families to bond while  working together.


If you have a specific skill or gift that you would like to offer, be sure to indicate that on 

your application.


As the ranch grows, so does the need for individuals who can serve full time. We deeply appreciate those who desire to come and offer themselves in service for an extended period of time.

We truly appreciate our volunteers and everything they do at the ranch. Hope Reigns is solely operated on dedicated volunteers and we couldn't do it without them!


Group Volunteers

We often have groups inquire about volunteering at the ranch. One-time projects and special events are great opportunities for group volunteer service. 

As the ranch grows, so does our list of chores! Groups can be very helpful in large projects like getting the ranch ready for a fundraising event or helping put up fencing. Whatever the nature of your group, we hope to find a good fit for you that will also meet a need at the ranch.

If you desire to serve at the ranch as a group, we invite you to request more information by filling out the form below. 

Request your volunteer application today!

Be a Hope Reigns Prayer Warrior

There is power in prayer. There is power in numbers. 

We pray for provision. We pray for wisdom.  We pray for health, healing, and safety of our herd and all who step foot onto the ranch. 

To become a Hope Reigns Prayer Warrior, all you have to do is stop, drop, and pray for us. WE THANK YOU!