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Hope Reigns Ranch

It all started with a troubled teenager and her horses

Ashley and her horse Maverick

It all began in 1990. Growing up in Amarillo, Ashley found horses a welcome escape from her troubled teenage years. She took refuge in the riding arena or on the trail where she found joy working with her three quarter horses, “Tinker,” “TD” and “JD”.  A day came, however, when life became too overwhelming. She didn’t know where to turn for the answers and contemplated taking her life. Cut to the core, lost for any option, desperate and exhausted she looked up to heaven and asked God to get her out of the mess her life was in...


About Hope Reigns


 Hope Reigns, Inc., is an exempt  501(c)(3) non-profit Texas corporation dba Hope Reigns Ranch. Located in the heart of Magnolia, Texas.

Hope Reigns' mission is to Rescue the Equine, Restore Lives, Offer Hope, and Serve the Community while demonstrating God's Love.

Our vision is to provide a safe, relaxing and supportive environment where both horses and people can come find hope, healing, and restoration. 

Hope Reigns is faith based. Though not associated with any particular denomination, the basis of belief rises from the same Judeo-Christian values that our nation was built upon. The Founders and Board of Directors believe in a Sovereign God and in salvation by grace, a free gift from God, given to all who believe in His Son Jesus Christ, and accept Him as the Lord of their life. It is our greatest desire to serve God by demonstrating our faith, serving others, and giving the same loving grace that has been freely given to us.

The Founders


Having been around horses and worked with them for many years, we have lived and learned the special relationship and bond between God, man, and horse in our own lives. We started Hope Reigns to bring that same relationship and healing to others. Our desire has always been to create a supportive, peaceful ranch environment which would serve as a foundation for the broken to find hope within the healing circle of unconditional love.

You’ll want to use this website to get a quick overview of what Hope Reigns is about and how you can help us rescue the horse, restore lives, and offer hope.

Our personal mission has always been to use the horse to help people know God, and make Him known. We pray that Hope Reigns will be used by many to achieve both.
In Christ,
John and Ashley Hovenden

Leave it at the gate and come find hope, peace, and love!